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Swift Verruca Treatment

If you are looking for a verruca treatment that really works, get in touch with the experts at Saxon Footcare.

We use Swift Microwave Technology to provide you with the best, and we are able to help you achieve optimum results.

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What Is Swift?

Swift is a new technology that has been licensed for the general treatment of skin in Podiatry and Chiropody.

Swift uses microwave energy, and this is delivered through a special probe and applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue. This is perfect for treating troublesome verruca and this fast treatment does not require an anaesthetic or dressing.

Two to four treatments are usually required, approximately four weeks apart. Your Podiatrist will assess your suitability for this treatment and will advise on the options available.

Please book in for your consultation to find out further information.

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The Swift verruca treatment that we offer, ensures that you receive the best service from a trusted brand.